'Coding in Minecraft' is a computer science credential program with supporting curriculum, delivered through Minecraft Education and hosted on Azure. 

The pathway comprises six courses that immerse students in a Minecraft world to develop and prove their coding skills using MakeCode and JavaScript or Python.

Coding in Minecraft: JavaScript Expert Coding Exam

Exam Information

The ‘Coding in Minecraft’ JavaScript Coding Expert Exam is an industry-recognized global certification which enables learners to prove their skills in coding using the JavaScript coding language.

JavaScript is one of the most widely used coding languages for developing websites, building games and mobile apps. Nearly every computing device that we use today utilizes JavaScript – iPhones, Androids, Windows, Mac, Linux, wearables and Smart TVs.

How to buy

Site licenses are available for schools to provide this certification to their students.

Individual exams are also available to be purchased by anyone at a cost of US$100.

Preparing for the Exam

Prodigy Learning’s certifications are designed to test mastery of the objective domains. It is recommended that candidates undertake approx. 150 hours of instruction or hands-on experience with the JavaScript language before taking this exam.


Educators may use the curriculum of their choice to prepare students for the exam. While Prodigy Learning recommends the supporting ‘Coding in Minecraft’ computer science learning pathway, the languages and technologies being assessed are industry standard and available outside of Minecraft. The certification exam itself, does not require use, licensing or knowledge of Minecraft.  Educators may choose to use other materials that cover the relevant objective domains – e.g. Code.org, other online curriculum or the educator’s own resources.

Practice Test

A standalone practice test is also available to prepare candidates for the exam.

Exam Details

Delivery method: Online computer-based delivery via Prodigy Learning Portal
Time: 50 minutes
# of questions: 30
Pass mark: 70%
Question format: Multiple choice & drag and drop
Exam version: v1.0
Retake policy: 24 hours after 1st attempt, 14 days for subsequent attempts per exam policies and procedures.

JavaScript Expert Coding Exam Objective Domain

This exam tests your knowledge of coding in the areas listed below.

It is recommended that candidates undertake approx. 150 hours of instruction or hands-on experience with the JavaScript language before taking this exam.

The percentage values are indicative of the breakdown of the content of the exam – the higher the percentage, the greater number of questions you are likely to see on the exam relating to that area.

Variables and Datatypes (10%)

  • Identify and use variables in JavaScript and assign appropriate data types
  • Convert between data types
  • Identify and use operators

Selection/Branching – If Statements (15%)

  • Identify and build If statements
  • Identify and build complex if statements
  • Identify and use if statements that contain compound conditionals

Iteration – Loops (20%)

  • Identify and build while loops
  • Identify and build for loops
  • Identify and build nested loops
  • Identify and build loops that use complex compound conditionals
  • Identify and use loop controls

Collections (10%)

  • Identify and use arrays
  • Identify and use objects

Structure and document code appropriately (5%)

  • Use indentation and format code
  • Document code
  • Code review

Error handling (15%)

  • Understand the different types of errors and causes
  • Understand code testing and create tests
  • Identify and build code that handles errors and exceptions

Modularity (15%)

  • Understand modularity and identify when to use
  • Identify and build functions
  • Identify and build functions that take or return data

Input and Output (10%)

  • Identify and build code that performs console input operations
  • Identify and build code that performs console output operations
  • Identify and build code that performs file input operations

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