'Coding in Minecraft' is a computer science credential program with supporting curriculum, delivered through Minecraft Education and hosted on Azure. 

The pathway comprises six courses that immerse students in a Minecraft world to develop and prove their coding skills using MakeCode and JavaScript or Python.

Exam Policies and Procedures

Exam delivery and administration

Prodigy Learning is committed to exam security and integrity. To ensure all tests are performed under similar conditions the following procedures will be used during the test delivery.

  1. No electronic devices (such as mobile phones, tablets, smart watches or audio/video recording devices) are allowed on  a students person during the test.
  2. Test candidates must not attempt to communicate with each other whilst the exam is in progress.
  3. Test centers are required to validate the identity of all test takers prior to launching an exam.
  4. Reproduction, publishing or transmitting any part of the exam in any form (verbal, written or electronic) is prohibited.

If a test candiate is suspected of cheating during an exam the exam should be stopped immediately, the test candidate informed of the circumstances and Prodigy Learning notified via email at support@codingcredentials.com with an account of what happened.

Technical Issues During Testing

Should a technical issue occur during testing restart the test candidates web browser or computer and log into the test again. The test should resume at where the test candidate left off with the same remaining time and previous answers saved.

Emergencies during testing

Should an emergency occur during testing (fire alarm etc), if time permits, ask all test candidates to close their web browser. Upon returning to the testing rooms test candidates can log on and the test should resume at where the test candidate left off with the same remaining time and previous answers saved.

Exam Accommodations

We are committed to ensure that our exams are accessible to all. Should a test candidate require an accommodation for an exam (e.g. extra time) please contact support@codingcredentials.com  detailing the name of your school, the exam to be taken and the accommodation request. Please note at least 2 weeks notice must be provided.

Retake Policy

Should a test candidate not achieve a passing score in an exam they must wait 24 hours before attempting the exam again. For each subsequent attempt a 48 hour waiting period is in place.